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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy involves hypnosis which focuses a clients imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to their thoughts, feelings or behaviour.

Together the hypnotherapist and client will decide on the desired changes to work on prior to the hypnosis occurring.

Unlike counselling, psychotherapy or psychology which may involve looking at a number of issues in a conscious way, hypnotherapy often focuses on a singular issue and works with the unconscious. However, this doesn’t mean you risk losing control or that you can be manipulated to do or think things you don’t want to. At all times when being hypnotised the client actually should remain in control and although very relaxed, should be able to talk or get up and leave the room if they want to.

Common issues that can be addressed through hypnotherapy are things such as giving up smoking, phobias, weight loss and confidence issues. Hypnotherapy also often involves a short course of treatment, with only a few sessions needed in some instances to address a particular issue.

This state of mind is sometimes referred to as an altered state of mind, trance state or hypnotic state.

You will be guided by me to visualise yourself in a state of peaceful, relaxed and receptive state of mind. Even when confronting the object of your fears, (if this is the concern we are dealing with). It will feel like watching a film or being lost in a daydream, you are still conscious of everything that happens and can “stop watching” whenever you want to be able to break the hypnotic trance at any time.

During hypnotherapy, you remain in control. It is not possible for anyone to force you to do anything against your will, even under hypnosis. You will be tuned into what I am saying, and so may not pay attention to your surroundings, but you will always be in charge of your own actions, behaviours, and statements. You will remember the things that occur during your hypnotic state, you will not be asleep or unconscious. 

Having a conscious agreement on the desired change, both conscious and unconscious resources can be accessed to affect the desired change and in this relaxed state, I can make the positive suggestions and beliefs that you have asked for and you can absorb and act on them. The changes sought are based on your desired outcome using cognitive, psychological and emotional resources to encourage the desired change and development.  

We all have resources that we may not be fully aware of in our normal waking consciousness and experience of life. With my help, you can begin to recognise the various resources that you have and discover how they can be used to your benefit.

I use Clinical Hypnotherapy to focus the mind to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress, anxiety or phobias. 

My aim is to achieve a solution-focused outcome, concentrating on what you want to achieve rather than the more traditional method of focusing on how you developed the problem and may sometime include techniques from NLP, Kinetic Shift, EFT   & Mindfulness which can enable the client to deal more easily with any new issues/fears/challenges that may occur in their daily life.

I can induce a hypnotic state in clients to increase motivation or alter behaviour patterns.

Negative thoughts can create negative experiences.

Some Treatments that can benefit from Hypnotherapy & NLP

Depression / Anxiety / Stress / Anger issues / Phobia / Fear of,  flying, dentist, heights,  

Stop smoking / Panic attacks / Trauma / Weight loss, gain / Recovery / Worry / Self forgiveness

Speaking in public / Self development / Life coaching / Motivation  / Self esteem